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Sayed Hossein Kazameini Boroujerdi  released on medical parole!

Picture of Hossein Kazameini Boroujerdi

We are relieved to learn that Sayed Boroujerdi,  58 years old, was released on medical parole on January 4, 2017. The release occurred approximately eight months after the completion of his 11 year sentence, on charges that he advocated that Iranian clergy withdraw from politics altogether, which contravenes Iran’s current constitution. His trial was woefully short of international standards.

Mr. Boroujerdi was required to pay a bail of nearly  $3,700 for his release, even though his sentence was complete.

We welcome his release, though it is bitter sweet. Mr. Boroujerdi suffers from numerous serious illnesses, including hypertension, Parkinson's and kidney disease, all of which were inadequately treated or ignored while imprisoned. He was subjected to torture while imprisoned, and engaged in several hunger strikes to protest the authorities’ refusal to provide adequate medical care, exacerbating these illnesses.

While on parole, Mr. Boroujerdi has been examined by an orthopedic specialist, a cardiologist, a urologist and other specialists. A cardiac condition prevents his having knee replacement surgery or to address severely herniated disks, or cataracts at present.

Though the motives behind his being granted medical parole are not known, and while his sentence had long since been completed, we nonetheless welcome his release. Mr. Boroujerdi is far more likely to recover from his illnesses outside of the notorious Evin Prison than being confined within in.

We now ask that letters and cards be sent to President Rouhani, acknowledging his being granted parole, and asking that his release become permanent, since his sentence has been served. We will continue to monitor his case until his release is official.

We thank you for your continuing support of Sayed Hossein Kazameini Boroujerdi.

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Sample Letter

President Hassan Rouhani
c/o Iranian Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Embassy of Pakistan
3517 International Court NW
Washington, DC 20008                                                  

Your Excellency,

I welcome the recent granting of medical parole to Grand Ayatollah Seyed Hosein Kazameini Boroujerdi, so that he can be treated for serious illnesses, including Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure and heart disease. I urge that you allow him full freedom to pursue treatment for these illnesses, largely ignored during his confinement

SHK Boroujerdi has neither used nor advocated the use of violence in the peaceful expression of his political views.  His sentence was completed nearly one year ago, on March 31, the end of Esfand 1394, and he should have been released at that time. I hope that you will act to ensure that SHK Boroujerdi’s release is permanent.