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Rebiya KadeerRebiya Kadeer

Ms. Kadeer, from the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China, has made significant contributions to promote women's rights in China.  She was arrested in August 1999 while traveling to meet with representatives of the United States Congressional Research Service and was charged in a secret trial with "providing secret information to foreigners".  According to the official Chinese press, this secret information consisted of publicly available newspapers and journals that Ms. Kadeer had sent abroad to her husband.  Ms. Kadeer’s secretary, Kahdman Abdukirim, was also charged with "providing secret information to foreigners" and was sentenced to three years of "re-education through labor”. She was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment on the morning of March 9, 2000 at the Urumqi City Intermediate People's Court. She was given a medical release in March, 2005, and now resides in the United States. 

The Persecution of the Uyghur People (Speech in San Francisco, November 7, 2010)

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"Unrest in East Turkestan: What China is Not Telling the Media"